dent removalFrom car crashes that need some serious work to minor fender benders, you’ll probably need dent removal at an auto body shop at some time. The two options are replacement or repair. Replacement simply means exchanging the entire affected portion for a new one. Repair focuses on removing the dents while keeping the same materials.

When performing dent removal, suction and pulling are often used to prepare the vehicle for more detailed work. Complicated dents usually come with abrasions, scratches and other issues that require careful treatment. Where possible, an auto body technician will attempt to remove the dent and repair the damage without having to repaint. Today, there’s even a method called paintless dent removal.

However, dent removal for broad or deep dents will probably involve some repainting. If this is the case, find a body shop that offers a paint-matching service to find the exact shade the manufacturer originally used. Also, a deep dent may require using sanding tools, fillers and more to restore your vehicle to its former look.

Sometimes it’s simply easier to replace rather than fix dents. An auto body technician will usually recommend replacement if the damage is more than superficial or if the structure of your car has been compromised.

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