auto glass repairIf you want to save yourself the cost of windshield replacement by having it fixed at an auto glass repair shop, get it done quickly! A buildup of dirt and debris can enter a chipped or cracked windshield, causing the chip or crack to widen.

An auto glass repair professional will first inspect the windshield to establish if repair is possible rather than replacement. If repair appears to be the best option, the technician usually fills the ding or hole with a special colorless polymer resin. This fills and seals the crack or hole, as well as the space that the crack or chip created between the glass and the film. Then the auto glass repair expert cures and polishes the resin to restore your windshield with a strong finish that has virtually the same quality as it had prior to the damage occurring.

Should you hire a professional or use a DIY windshield repair kit for auto glass repair? Well, you might be able to fix a minor ding or crack with one of these kits, which come with tools, instructions, curing film and resin. But because the windshield is a vital safety feature for a vehicle, it is essential for the job to be done properly to avoid further damage to the glass. So the answer would almost always be ‘go to a pro’.

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