SABLogoThere are a variety of factors that go into matching paint colors. You may worry if your shop can match your car’s paint color when you sign up for auto paint touch-ups and other paint services. To better understand the process used in auto paint touch-ups, it is best to understand how auto paint works.

Because auto paint is made of more materials than other paints, it is much more difficult to color match. Auto paint is made to last. It must be resistant to weather, chipping, scratching, etc. It is made using three basic parts, though each has a variety of available options:

  • Resin – holds the color to the car and is the durable layer.
  • Pigment– the actual color.
  • Solvent – allows the paint to transfer.

In auto paint touch-ups, trained technicians must match not only the color, but also the additives and resin. Even if the color is spot-on, if the other materials do not match, the touch-up will be obvious.   Most paint colors are available in a database of colors based on the car’s make and year. This database is available to auto body shops, and it is the easiest way to match a car’s color. If the paint has other additives or the resin is a certain type, the body shop professionals will have to use their own discretion to create the perfect color for your vehicle. Professionals will also blend the new color into your current color to make the match seamless.

With Stuart Auto Body, you don’t need to worry about your color match. We have over 30 years of experience with auto body work, and we have had many successful auto paint touch-ups and repairs. We service all of the Stuart, FL area, and we are happy to get your car’s exterior looking like new again. Give us a call today!