collision repair

When it comes to collision repair, some important steps will ensure that your vehicle is receiving proper care and attention. A poorly done repair job will drastically decrease the value of your vehicle, and can also make it very unsafe to drive. The first step in proper collision repair is to examine the vehicle and generate an estimate. This typically involves the use of a computer system, which can analyze the damage and estimate the cost of each part and the amount of time it will take to fix the issue. During this step, most auto body shops do not take the car apart, so any underlying internal damage may not be accounted for during this process.

If insurance is involved, the next step is to obtain approval that the company will cover the damage based on the estimate. At Stuart Auto Body, we work with most of the top national and local auto insurance companies, so we will make sure they approve the estimate before we start. This helps prevent you from getting stuck with a bill that you weren’t expecting. Sometimes insurance companies will determine that the cost of the repairs exceeds the value of the car. If that is the case, it will usually happen after the estimate is completed.

Stuart Auto Body is located in Stuart, Florida, and we offer our collision repair services to those who live locally. We also offer towing services within a 50-mile radius of our shop, and can travel farther to pick up your car if our shop will be completing the repairs.