Dent Removal

If your vehicle has a dent, whether it is a small area where another door may have hit it or a large dent that resulted from an accident, our dent removal experts at Stuart Auto Body can help. Having a dent in a car decreases its value, and it can also make it difficult to open or close the doors, hood, or trunk of the car. If any of these moving parts on the car can’t latch properly, it is unsafe to drive because something may suddenly fly open and limit visibility.

When we perform dent removal, we will start by creating an estimate so you know what to expect. If you have auto insurance that will be covering the repair cost, we can work with the adjuster to make sure all repairs are approved and authorized before we get started. At that time, we will also give you an estimate of how long it will take to repair the dent. In some cases, it can take a day or two, while more extensive damage will take longer.

Dent removal may involve repair of the vehicle’s structure, as well, depending on the force of the hit that caused it. We use a computer-based system that analyzes and measures any shifts in the frame, so we can properly restore it to the specifications set by the manufacturer. For the body repair, our technicians will replace exterior panels and other pieces that are damaged, restoring the look of the car to its previous state.

If you have any questions about the dent removal process, please contact us at Stuart Auto Body.