Quality Auto Paint ShopWhen it comes to vehicle painting, most of our customers are bringing their cars to us due to a problem with the paint job. In some cases, people want to change the color of their car, which we can easily accommodate. However, with the constant Florida sunshine beating down on the paint job of your vehicle, after a few years you may start to notice some flaking or chipping of the paint on the frame of the car. Bumpers often take a beating as well, typically from rocks and other small debris coming up from the road and causing scratches and other damage.

If you are involved in an accident, painting is another step of the repair process. At Stuart Auto Body, our full-service auto paint shop can accommodate any and all of your automobile painting needs. We can easily match colors to create a like-new look for your car, and we perform painting along with repairs and other services for all types and sizes of cars and trucks. Our experienced staff members in our auto paint shop know exactly how to paint and shade to create a product that looks like it is coming right off the dealership lot.

At our auto paint shop, we can also do custom paint jobs if you want to add unique designs or styles to your vehicle. Contact us today for more information about our auto painting services.