If you’ve been involved in an auto accident and need a 24 hour towing company, you may not have much choice of who provides this service. Emergency services, such as fire or police departments, often dispatch wreckers to accident scenes. But in other situations such as engine trouble, breakdowns or one-car accidents, getting your vehicle towed can be less stressful with a bit of research.

Reputation Counts When Choosing a 24 Hour Towing Company

Reputation counts when choosing a 24 hour towing provider. Call around and ask for pricing and find out whether the company accepts credit cards. When you find a reliable operator with a proven track record, save the number and name on your cell phone, and also place it somewhere in your car.
24 hour towing
As already mentioned, you might not have much choice in who tows your car if the company was dispatched by the authorities. But if you’re involved in a breakdown or slide-off, be very wary if an unmarked truck shows up unannounced and offers to tow you. A reputable 24 hour towing company will display its Department of Transportation identification number on the truck, as well as any other license numbers that are required by local regulations. These markings show that the company is insured to provide the service.

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