Rust Repair in Stuart, Florida
Living in a warm, humid climate comes with certain advantages.  We almost never need worry about truly cold days, nor snow or ice.  This means that worrying about the effects of salt on the roads is a non-issue.  However, even though we don’t have to worry about the use of salt to remove nonexistent ice, we do have to worry about the humidity in the air and the salt content of our moist, warm air.  When salt is combined with humidity, it can lead to disastrous results for our vehicles . . . mainly due to the fact that salt corrodes metal, and our vehicles are primarily composed of metal.

While you can always focus on rust repair once you’ve observed rust on your car, taking a few simple steps can prevent the rust from developing in the first place, or aid in delaying the development of rust on your car.  Some of these simple steps include things such as:

  • Inspecting your vehicle for rust routinely
  • Washing the exterior of your car to remove any salt from it
  • Waxing your car at least twice a year

If, however, your best efforts at prevention have failed and you notice some rust in the wheel wells, bumpers, places where metal meets, or on the undercarriage of your car, you need to focus on rust repair as soon as possible.

Rust repair involves identifying any areas where rust has developed, sanding them down, applying a special rust-resistant chemical and primer, and painting over the area in order to protect it from further damage.  While the task may sound easy, it is not one that will easily be accomplished at home in the safety of your garage.  When you need quality rust repair, contact us at Stuart Auto Body.  We know the best methods for rust repair and have the equipment necessary to perform a first-rate job.  With 35 years in business, we are confident that we can get your car back in beautiful condition quickly.