Lease Return RepairsYou are reaching the end of your lease term on your vehicle and your mind is turning to the decision about what vehicle you are going to get next. That is one of the nice things about leasing a vehicle – you don’t have to haggle about what the vehicle you are turning in is worth. However, there is another issue you may not have thought about — fees. If your vehicle has more than simple wear and tear, the dealership will be charging you lease return repairs, and they will all be at a rate you may not be thrilled about.

When you already recognize you have certain issues with the vehicle, such as dents, rips in the upholstery, or other obvious problems, it will be better for your wallet if you seek lease return repairs somewhere other than the dealership. More often than not an auto body collision center will be less costly and if any of the problems resulted from an accident, they can work with your insurance company.

On that note, sometimes people do not file a claim when the accident happens because they don’t think they need to worry about making the repairs on a leased vehicle. This is not the case because you will have to pay for the repairs on your own if you wait and don’t get the claim filed in the time frame required by your insurance company. If you have the accident report and it hasn’t been too long, the auto body shop can usually help you with the claim.

If you need help determining if you should or should not take care of lease return repairs ahead of time, bring your vehicle to us at Stuart Auto Body. We have had experience in this area and can tell you what the dealership will or will not charge you for so that you can take care of those things that will save you money.