Everybody knows that if you have mileage in excess of your lease agreement, you will be facing some fees when you reach the end of the lease. What you may not realize is that you will also face paying for repairs if there is more than what is considered normal wear and tear present on the car. The unfortunate situation is that it isn’t you that determines what is normal — it is the dealership. They are interested in making sure they can resell the vehicle without having to put any money into it, so anything they can stick you with helps their bottom line. The only one left to protect your interests is you, and that means taking care of lease return repairs before the end of your lease.

Take Care of Lease Return Repairs Before the End of Your Lease

While it is true that you are paying for the lease return repairs either way, you will save considerably if you go to a regular auto body shop rather than the dealership. Those dents, dings, scratches and interior issues could become a huge ticket at a dealership, but will be relatively affordable otherwise.
Lease Return Repairs

Also consider that your vehicle is a reflection on you, so if you have a few dents and dings, you will want to take care of those lease return repairs even if you have months left on your lease. If you have them taken care of as they happen, you won’t be faced with taking care of a bunch of them at once right before you turn in the vehicle. Even if you plan to trade before the end of the lease, instead of surrender it, you will get the best trade-in value if the vehicle looks nice.

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