Towing: How to Make Sure Your Car is Being Transported Safely

There are a few important steps in making sure that your car is being towed safely. When done incorrectly, there is a higher risk of additional damage to the vehicle, as well as injury to anyone in the car. When towing a car with another car via a chain or strap, if the front car has to stop or slow down suddenly, the car being towed can crash right into the back if the person steering can’t stop fast enough, or if there is an issue with the brakes. If a truck or larger vehicle is towing the car, it may have a tow bar that keeps the car a safe distance away from the other vehicle. This is a much safer option for towing cars.

Towing is also much safer if you use the services of a licensed professional towing company. At Stuart Auto Body, we offer towing services to residents within a 50-mile radius of Stuart, Florida. We will make sure that your car gets to its destination safely, and we offer 24-hour towing service, so we can help you in the event of an emergency. We also work with most of the major auto insurance companies, which means that you can save money by using our towing services.

We can tow both regular vehicles and heavier machinery, and we also offer roadside assistance. If you are traveling, get into an accident, or are simply running an errand and you have an issue with your car, give us a call. We can help move it to a safe location.