• Brush style car washes can cause dirt to scratch your vehicle’s finish.
  • High-powered sprays in car washes often blast grit into the vehicle’s finish (some produce
    2000 psi). Use the lowest possible setting and stay about 2 feet away from the finish.
  • Do not wash your car in the sun, water drops magnify the sun’s intensity and cause water spots.
  • Use cleaners designed for automotive finishes, not household detergents or dish soap.
  • When washing your car, clean inside the wheel wells and surrounding area to remove road grime from moving parts and suspension components.
  • Clean the tires and the wheels. Cleaning the wheels, especially those with today’s clear coat finishes, is important since brake dust and road salt can cause irreversible corrosion.
  • If your vehicle was just finished you do not need to wax your vehicle.
  • Use only wax that is safe for a vehicle’s finish, not those that claim to remove dirt, oxidized
    paint or scratches.
  • Waxing your vehicle in direct sunlight can permanently damage the finish.
  • Stay away from any areas that you do not want the wax to come in contact with (i.e., rubber surfaces, mouldings, bumpers).
  • Carefully follow the instructions provided on the packaging of the wax you purchased.
  • For the first 30 days do not drive on gravel roads, chipping occurs easily if the finish is not cured.
  • Wash your vehicle after driving on roads using chemicals or salt which thaw ice.
  • Avoid parking under trees. Remove leaves that fall on your vehicle. To remove tree sap or
    pine pitch from your vehicle’s finish, use hot-soapy water. Wash the area thoroughly, then
    apply wax.
  • Avoid extreme temperature changes by keeping your vehicle parked in a garage or shaded area.
  • Avoid spilling ANY automotive fluids on the new finish. If you do, immediately RINSE the affected area.
  • Don’t place grocery bags, luggage or other objects anywhere on your vehicle’s finish.
  • Do not let your car go unrepaired. Mis-aligned vehicles can cause uneven tire wear, leaving you with reduced traction and an unsafe vehicle. Unseen structural damage can make your vehicle unsafe to drive as well. Dents and rust spots always lower the value of your vehicle. In the long run, returning your vehicle to it’s pre-accident condition is the only road to travel.