SABLogoYou may hear the term “body work” often, but what does that really mean? You understand that your car is in need of some service. You know something isn’t right, but you don’t quite understand what body work could include. It is important to understand the type of service you are receiving, and we want to help you better understand what is meant when an auto repair shop talks about body work.

Body work generally means any service to the body of the car. The body of the car is the shell of the car that forms the exterior, usually made of metal (steel) and aluminum, and the frame. The body can be defined by the shape of the vehicle, like truck, sedan, van, SUV, etc. When a shop tells you your car needs body work, it could mean anything from a dent in the siding to frame work to part replacement.

In a collision, your car’s frame can become damaged in two ways. Direct damage occurs at the point of impact. This damage is fairly obvious, as it is caused in direct relation to the accident. If you are in a rear-end collision, your rear frame is likely damaged. The second cause of frame damage in a collision is the indirect damage. This damage is caused by something similar to a “ripple effect” from the point of impact. It can occur anywhere on your frame after a collision. What this all means for you is that body work can be extensive, even if it isn’t obvious damage.

Body work can be broad and cover a variety of things, but we want you to know you can trust us at Stuart Auto Body to give you an efficient and honest service. You shouldn’t have to worry about what “body work” means, just know that you and your vehicle are in good hands. We have over 30 years of experience in the Stuart, FL area, and customer service is our #1 priority.