Auto Body Shop

After a car accident, if your car has any damage to the doors, hood, bumpers, or anywhere on the exterior, you will need to bring it in to us at Stuart Auto Body, a full-service auto body shop in Stuart, Florida. If you are left with a sizable dent, you may need to have the car towed to our shop, since some damage can make it so you can’t even open the door or operate the car safely. Your auto insurance company can work with our auto body shop to get a quote and schedule a rental car for you to drive while we repair the car. If the other driver in the accident is at fault, his or her insurance should cover the repairs and a rental car for you to use while we perform the repairs.

At Stuart Auto Body, we offer free estimates and can answer any questions you may have about repair options for your car. Large auto body repairs can take several weeks to complete, while smaller bumper repairs and other minimal damages can be finished in just a few days. We provide high-quality repair services that will help restore your vehicle to look like new. We use innovative technological options that decrease repair times.

Our full-service auto body shop is staffed with a team of experts, and we provide excellent service to each of our customers. We will make sure that you understand the repair process before we start, and we can discuss options with you, as well, to make sure the repair we perform for you is exactly what you want.