When people contact towing companies, they are often unfamiliar with the option of flatbed towing and usually respond by saying: ‘Sorry, what is that?’ So, here we’ll take the opportunity to explain a little bit about flatbed towing and what the advantages of it are.

Why is Flatbed Towing the Safest Option?

Flatbed towing is, in fact, one of the most convenient and safest ways to tow a vehicle. Rather than having to lift the car’s front wheels off the ground and pulling it along the road, a flatbed truck has a big, flat surface onto which the damaged vehicle can be hoisted, and then securely harnessed to the tow truck. This means that the vehicle being towed has absolutely no contact with the road for the entire journey.

Flatbed towing allows you to enjoy 2 main benefits. The first is safety, and the second is convenience. As mentioned above, there’s no contact with the road while towing. Gravel and deteriorating road conditions like pot holes have no effect on the car and cannot harm it. Moreover, this method is particularly convenient when low vehicles are involved or, for that matter, motorcycles. Regular towing equipment simply can’t tow some low vehicles.

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