auto body repairWhile every situation is unique, and you should consult with your insurance company to receive information about your situation before proceeding, insurance companies typically have 2 thresholds with regards to claims for auto body repair. If the damage is less than $1,800, your rate will typically stay the same. Between $1,800 and $2,800, your rate will likely go up a little bit. For most insurers, the big number is $2,800 and over. If the cost of auto body repair meets or exceeds this, you could well see a significant hike in your rate. Not every insurance company is the same, but these numbers fit most of them.

Please remember, however, that they are based on a clean driving record. If you’ve had previous auto body repair claims, it’s likely that the more you have claimed, the more your premium will hike. Over the course of time, a clean record will go a long way. Say your 6-month premium is $400, and after an accident, the insurance company increases it by 20%, the next 6-month rate would be $480, which is $80 more than the previous year. This difference will translate to $160 per year, or $480 over 3 years.

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