Roadside Assistance, Hobe Sound, FL

We offer quick and reliable roadside assistance to the Hobe Sound area with emergency 24/7 towing for light and heavy-duty vehicles.

Roadside Assistance in Hobe Sound, Florida
Getting stranded in Hobe Sound, Florida on a hot summer day, downpour, or dead of night is not something anyone wants to experience. Here at Stuart Auto Body, we understand the frustration you are feeling and how important it is to get help promptly. We offer 24-hour emergency towing and roadside assistance. We provide light and heavy-duty towing recoveries for a 50-mile radius and will go further if your vehicle is being towed to our shop for repairs.

It doesn’t matter if you need roadside assistance due to mechanical failure or an accident– we know you don’t want to be in what could be an unsafe area for any longer than is necessary. You can count on us to get to you very quickly, and our certified collision center can restore your vehicle sooner than you might think.

Having your life on hold after a breakdown or collision can really derail plans and even put your employment at risk, so don’t take a chance using anyone else for roadside assistance. Let our 35 years of experience shine through and save you from a potentially bad situation.

If you have questions about our roadside assistance services, don’t hesitate to call us. Keep our number handy because you never know when the unexpected will have you wondering who to call for quick and reliable service. You won’t need to panic when you already know who you can trust. That will make the situation less stressful. We can also handle all your exterior and interior reconditioning needs after an accident or before turning in a leased vehicle.

You can rely on Stuart Auto Body for all of your roadside assistance needs in Stuart, Hobe Sound, Port SalernoJensen Beach and Palm City, Florida!