Roadside Assistance, Port Salerno, FL

Stuck on the side of the road in Port Salerno? We offer fast roadside assistance.

Roadside Assistance in Port Salerno, Florida
There are few feelings worse than suddenly finding yourself on the side of the road, stranded in a vehicle that is no longer working. That’s why we offer roadside assistance to anyone in Port Salerno, Florida who needs it. We are Stuart Auto Body, a local and independent auto company that has served this area for over 30 years. Wherever your car breaks down, we can find you quickly and get you back on the road.

Here are some of the roadside assistance services we offer:

  • All types of towing, including light and heavy-duty towing
  • Towing back to our shop for major repairs
  • Removing damaged vehicles from accident sites
  • Getting stuck vehicles back on the road
  • Lock-out and locksmith services
  • Battery recharge, replacement and jump starts
  • Electrical malfunction repairs
  • Tire changes, inflations, and repairs
  • Water and fuel delivery services
  • Car won’t start (can be many underlying reasons)
  • Repair diagnosis and vehicle assessment
  • Free estimates for repairs
  • Free towing to our shop for repairs

You never know when you might need roadside assistance, which is why we highly recommend that you store our number in your cell phone or write it on a piece of paper to keep in your wallet or glove box. When you suddenly need assistance, it is hard to think straight or to evaluate companies to call. One of the advantages of calling us is that we can provide both towing services and repair services if they are needed in your situation. We also work with major insurance companies. So if you need roadside assistance, give us a call, and we will head your way, no matter what time of day or night.

You can rely on Stuart Auto Body for all of your roadside assistance needs in Port SalernoStuart, Hobe Sound, Jensen Beach and Palm City, Florida!